Long Haul

We just arrived back from Japan, and boy, what a ride it was. We flew in and out of Tokyo, both times with a brief stopover in Sydney, with the flight there A++ and the flight back a C-. The whole trip now feels as if it was so whirlwind; admittedly we did tear through […]

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A Fork In the Road

Sometimes when we play D&D, we end up with two potential quest lines to pursue. We can, for example, chase the robber down a dark alleyway and hope to catch him, or we can give up and continue on our way to the zombie-filled cave. At these points, our group often reaches a standstill and […]

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Surveying The Land

Today we had a PhD student come to interview us about my experience going back to work after having a baby. I’ve only relatively recently returned to paid work, and I’ve moved to a whole new field working as a writer. It’s nice to be away from legal work, but it’s scary stuff moving into […]

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In Search of Gold

In the last few months The Scientific Mom has been posting on Reddit’s /r/breastfeeding, with pictures of breastmilk under the microscope. Her first picture showed the “liquid gold” of the milk: “a veritable gold mine of water, fat, white blood cells, bacteria, protein chains, amino acids, enzymes, and more.” Most of these things are too small to […]

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RIP My Character Sheet

After having a baby, a few people begin to ask questions like “Do you feel you’ve lost yourself?”, and “Do you miss your old life?”. The answer is “No … and yes.” It would be 100% a lie for me to say that my life hasn’t changed at all, but it’s unfair to suggest that […]

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